HF2430 4PCS钢盖套锅
HF2430 4PCS钢盖套锅 Pot Cookware VV   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | TH Sinar Utara Trading



Cookware Type: soup pot, stock pot

Product name: Stainless Steel Stock Pots 4-Pcs Set
Material:  Stainless steel                

Feature: Sustainable, long-lasting 

Model Number: HF2430                                                                                                  

Place of origin: Malaysia

Brand name: Sinar                                                            


Set: 4 sets  

Shape: round  
Usage: Cooking


Model Products Name Set Size Code
HF2430 Stainless Steel Stock Pots 4-Pcs Set
4 SET 24-26-28-30CM 9555994107910

Product Description

- This indian pan set are made in stainless steel material
- It come with 4 sets from small to big
- Suitable for cooking soup
- Sustainable, can use for many times

A soup pot as known as stock pot is a generic name for one of the most common types of cooking pot used worldwide. A stock pot is traditionally used to make stock or broth, which can be the basis for cooking more complex recipes. It is a wide pot with a flat bottom, straight sides, a wide opening to the full diameter of the pot and a lid with a handle on top. Stainless steel cookware is generally made as a cladding of stainless steel on both sides of an aluminium or copper core to conduct the heat across all sides, thereby reducing ''hot spots'', or with a disk of copper or aluminium on just the base to conduct the heat across the base, with possible ''hot spots'' at the sides. This pot come with 4 sets with lips in a box and their size are from 24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 30cm. 


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