Matsu brand
Established in 1987, the Matsu brand has been developed unceasingly, accelerating its growth rapidly, and recognized as a predominant Vietnam Value brand in 2014 - 2016 and 2016 - 2018. This outstanding accomplishment was initiated from the passion and vision of the founders who have relentlessly pursued the desire to build a great business which aspired to be recognized across the community based on its core values:


As of today, Matsu Plastics Corporation is one of the leading plastics companies in Vietnam and also one of the most beloved and trusted brand names among local consumers. For 22 consecutive years, Matsu brand has been awarded with "Vietnamese High Quality Goods" and achieved many other prestigious awards.

Matsu’s products possess exquisite and sophisticated fine art, harmonious coloring, user-friendly and durable features, which are manufactured using modern, cutting-edge technologies and equipment, and in production processes which are fully controlled from the beginning until end, all in order to ensure perfect quality of our products. Furthermore, all Matsu’s products are made from high-grade primary plastic materials which have been certified for food contact, all to ensure hygiene and health of the end users.

To gear towards sustainable development, Matsu is earnestly riveting its focus upon training and retaining the most talented individuals, standardizing management systems, optimizing process operations, and scaling up its domestic and foreign markets.

On the market, products of the company always surpass the others and are the foremost choice of customers.

Matsu – proud to be a Vietnam Value brand
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