DT1280 Thermos Bottle MAXCOOL 1.5L
DT1280 Thermos Bottle MAXCOOL 1.5L Thermos Bottle Duytan Plastic Duytan  Kedah, Malaysia, Lunas Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | TH Sinar Utara Trading


Ready to start a day when there is a convenient heat holder, keep your favourite drinks cool with modern PU technology 
3 plus points for Maxcool to help you feel secure when using:

▪ The rubber gasket effectively prevents water leakage
▪ Safety latches limit spilling of water
▪ The tight-fitting handle makes it easy to hang, hook or carry every day

-Variety of colors: pearl yellow, pearl green, pearl pink, pearl grey
Two sizes: 1 liters & 1.5 liters
Let's start every day full of energy with Maxcool thermostat bottle, everyone!
-Maxcool thermostat bottle with sporty style, 3 layers design with PU to keep cold for you to enjoy cool drinks on every journey!



Type: Buckets, Coolers & Holders    

Model Number: DT1280

Product Name: Thermos Bottle MAXCOOL 1.5L

Material:   Plastic

Plactic Type: PP                                                                                                         

Certification: FDA        

Feature: Suitable for Outdoors

Place of origin: 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brand name:  Duytan Plastic                                                       

Colour: pearl yellow, pearl green, pearl pink, pearl grey

Size:  L 13.7 x W 13 x H 24.7cm               

Logo: Duytan Plactic               

Usage: Contain Beverage


Model Products Name PCS Size Color Code
DT1280 Thermos Bottle MAXCOOL 1L
24PCS  L 13.7 x W 13 x H 24.7cm pearl yellow, pearl green, pearl pink, pearl grey 8935007713665

Product Description

- suitable to keep cold and warm
- long lasting cold retention. 
- keep cold up to 36 hours
- safe for use at temperature from -10ºc - 120ºc 
- portable with handle, easy to carry

Working Of A Thermos Bottle

A thermos bottle (also known as a Dewar flask, Dewar bottle or vacuum flask) is an insulating storage vessel that greatly lengthens the time over which its contents remain hotter or cooler than the flask's surroundings. Invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892, the vacuum flask consists of two flasks, placed one within the other and joined at the neck. The gap between the two flasks is partially evacuated of air, creating a near-vacuum which significantly reduces heat transfer by conduction or convection. Thermos bottle are used domestically, to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods of time, and for many purposes in industry.

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