DT864 Rectangular Double-Layer Food Tray (S)
DT864 Rectangular Double-Layer Food Tray (S) Tray Duytan Plastic Duytan  Kedah, Malaysia, Lunas Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | TH Sinar Utara Trading



Type: Food tray

Material: Plastic

Model Number: DT864

Product Name: Rectangular Double-Layer Food Tray (S)

Plactic Type: PP

Feature: Sustainable, Durable

Place of origin: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brand name: Duytan                                                            

Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown

Size: 28.8*20.5*4.3CM 

Logo: Duytan Plactic               

Usage: Holding Food/ Beverage, Suitable for Outdoors, Picnic, Party, etc.


Model Products Name PCS Size Code
DT864 Rectangular Double-Layer Food Tray (S)
长方形托盘 (小)
25PCS 28.8*20.5*4.3CM 8935007704311

Product Description

- This food tray with strainer is made in PP plastic material
- Food tray for serving food
- Suitable to use in hotel, restaurant, house
- Sustainable, can use for many times


food tray, can be known as a service tray is a shallow platform designed for the carrying of items. Trays are flat, but with raised edges to stop things from sliding off them. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in oval or rectangular forms, sometimes with cut out or attached handles with which to carry them. This food tray is made in PP plastic material which is safe for use, beside is it tough and is durable to use. It come with few sizes and colours to fulfill the demand for all people. This tray is come with 2 layers which is a flat tray as a bottom later and the second layer will be tray with holes, the purpose for this is because you can clean the tray easily by lifting the second layer up. It has a light-weight and it is easy for you to use it as a tray for serving.

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